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The Mark Cross Village Association is formed to provide the residents of Mark Cross with a forum in which to discuss matters of specific interest, both immediate and in the future of the village. Such matters to include, but not be limited to, town planning policies, the maintaining and improving of amenities, security of homes and property, traffic control and road safety.

The Association will act as a conduit to Local Authorities on such matters on behalf of and at the behest of the residents, where they affect the Village as a whole, supporting welfare and social interaction within the village. It aims to engender friendship and social interaction between the villages residents.

The current 2004/05 Committee are:

Nick Benson (Chairman) 852998
Patricia Gibson (Secretary) 852639
Dick Burr (Treasurer) 852594
Cathryn Burr 852594
Claire Benson 852998
Heather Child 852148

Click here to view the full constitution.


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