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There are a number of beekeepers in and around the village either keeping bees in apiaries on their own property or on out-apiaries on local landowners sites. Typically where crops are grown having more bees around will assist with the pollination of the crop thus improving the yield. Bees are often misunderstood, they can be curious, but english bees don't set out to sting you. They die if they do! Try and be calm, with no sudden movements, and the bee will soon fly away in search of more interesting forage.

The local club where you can learn about beekeeping are the Hastings and Rother Beekeepers. If you are interested in beekeeping this should be your first port of call. Click here for their website where you can find out about their regular meetings and how to contact them.

For local honey, David Peacock is the most well known producer. His brand Mrs Peacocks honey can be purchased from all the local stores or directly from David at Cobbetts, Spout Hill, Town Row, Rotherfield, East Sussex. Tel: 01892 852785. David's main trade is as a skilled signwriter for all purposes. The event posters around the area are mostly his handiwork.


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