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Fireworks - Keep within the law...

Firework DisplayThe majority of the Firework Regulations 2004 came into force on 7th August 2004, and introduced a number of measures to tackle the anti-social use of fireworks. The regulations make it a criminal offence (subject to exceptions stated in the regulations):

  • For a person under the age of eighteen to possess a firework in a public place.
  • To use certain fireworks between the hours of 2300 and 0700 .  With the exceptions of :
    • 5th November
    • First day of the Chinese New Year
    • Diwali
    • New Years Eve
  • To possess Category 4 fireworks

Please consider the following actions in order to keep Rotherfield Parish a peaceful, calm place to live for everyone. Please ensure that you can enjoy your celebration / event without issue:-

  • Inform ALL your neighbours
    • Give as much advance notice as possible so that animals can be tranquilised or kept indoors.
    • Perhaps give neighbours a note that they can keep as a reminder
    • Put a note on local notice boards.
  • Contact the landowners of surrounding farmland
    • even if fields aren’t directly adjacent to your property – the sound and debris of fireworks travel great distances and disturb more than just your immediate neighbours
    • landowners need the opportunity to get their livestock into barns/shelters/other locations, in good time.
    • Animals are often left out in fields at night, especially during the summer months.

No-one wants to be a spoil-sport and ruin people’s enjoyment however this should be within the Law not at the expense of others and this includes livestock and pets. Fireworks are getting bigger, longer and louder (not to mention expensive!) and some premises are simply too small or close to neighbours property to accommodate such displays. Perhaps a less noisy option may be considered – you may get more for your money!


Finally, additional regulations introduce limited prohibitions on the sale and importation of fireworks. For detailed information please refer to the Fireworks Regulations 2004.



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Sussex Police


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